Delta Digital

delta-digitalDelta Digital is one of the largest importers of imaging materials and products in Israel and has a sole distribution agreement with Kodak for some product lines, as well as with Noritsu (minilabs) and non exclusive distribution agreement with MITSUBISHI paper and others. Company activities include: consumer imaging, professional imaging, raw materials for electronic imaging equipment, as well as consumables. Delta Digital is focusing in the last years on increasing it’s range of digital imaging products due to the irreversible decline in classic photographic products and materials.

Since 2014 Delta Digital is operating multi media projects, formerly executed for many years by TNN, a company held by Rapac Communication &infrastructure. These activities are based on projects designed exclusively for each customer’s needs. Amongst these projects one can find : sophisticated conference rooms, vido conference solutions, audio systems, control and monitoring systems, digital video walls and digital signage. Customers include Israel ministry of defense, tel aviv stock exchange,the van leer Jerusalem institute, ben guryon university, IAI, Tel-aviv Bronfmann auditorium and many more.

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