Inter-Gamma Investment company Ltd. is one of Israel’s 40 leading holding corporations.( listed 34 on DUN’S 100 guide for 2014) The company controls a network of commercial and industrial enterprises including many market leaders in their fields. Inter-Gamma has placed great importance on diversification with a focus and is active mainly in the fuel management and fuel stations infrastructure, public transportation payment systems, imaging and the real-estate sectors. Inter-Gamma offers a special blend of maturity, financial stability, creativity and dynamism that has resulted in ongoing growth.

Since 2017, following a dividend in kind of all its Rapac shares, the corporation’s activities are structured into three divisions:

  • Technologies
  • Real Estate
  • Imaging

Much of the Group’s success is due to the emphasis placed on recruiting and retaining the right personnel, ensuring that Inter-Gamma companies are desirable employers, attracting fine talents at all levels from shop floor to senior management. Established in 1965, the controlling interest in Inter-Gamma is held since 1998 by it’s chairman of the board of directors ( formerly ,since 1977 until 2014 it’s CEO), Tanhum Oren, who holds some 90% of the equity. Inter-Gamma’s shares are traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange since 1984.

The group employs some 616 employees worldwide and has achieved a total of approx. 240 million US$ ,in direct income of consolidated subsidiaries and indirect income from non-consolidated subsidiaries , in 2016 (including approx. 135.5 million US$ stemming from Rapac, which is no longer a subsidiary of the company).